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Apollo Pros helps you find the most highly-qualified people.

It’s A Better Way To Hire

At Apollo Pros, we understand our reputation and success depend on delivering consistent results.

That’s why we work to fully understand your unique needs and develop a plan to address them. We offer contract, contract-to-direct, direct hire, and payrolling services, all of which can be customized to your organization. We service clients on national, regional, and local levels from our 6 locations – Salem, NH; Baltimore, MD; Hartford, CT;  Los Angeles, CA; and St. Louis, MO. At each of them, our tenured recruiters have an in-depth understanding of your specific candidate marketplace, your objectives, sourcing and recruiting goals, and onboarding requirements.

What Sets Us Apart

Typical Apollo Pros recruiters have a BS and 5 to 15 years of experience.
Our updated hardware, software, and automation are designed to meet today’s challenging needs.
Apollo Pros is located in key markets throughout the U.S., including the West Coast, Southeast, Northeast, Midwest, and East Coast.
Service process

From customizable B2B processes to contractor service and payrolling functions, Apollo Pros has it all covered.


Our team are experts in aerospace, manufacturing, engineering, biotech and pharmaceutical, corporate and administration needs!


Contract Staffing 
Add contract staff when you need it most. From skills shortages to tight project deadlines to staff augmentation, Apollo Pros ensures you can maintain the flexibility to adapt and grow no matter what circumstances may arise.
Try one of our employees at your location before committing to a full-time hire. Reduce the risks associated with hiring by taking this opportunity to make an informed decision.
Direct Hire

Let Apollo Pros streamline your search for talent. We take care of recruiting, screening, and interviewing candidates, presenting you with the top prospects to choose from.

Place your contract employees on the Apollo Pros payroll. As the employer of record, we take responsibility for compensation, withholding, unemployment and workers’ comp insurance, and all administrative tasks, freeing you to focus on your goals.

Why People Choose Apollo Pros

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