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Aerospace, manufacturing, engineering, biotech and pharmaceutical.

These cutting-edge companies are growing and forward-looking. They have a range of contract, contract-to-direct, and direct hire opportunities available to you in these sectors in locations across the country, including Salem, NH; Baltimore, MD; Hartford, CT; Los Angeles, CA; and St. Louis, MO. Our recruiters will closely work with you and direct you towards jobs that are relevant to your experience and align with your business interests.

Apollo Pros recruiters have access to a full slate of job openings nationwide. Working with anyone on our team gives you the ability to be considered for any job, at any of our clients, anywhere in the country. They will appropriately evaluate your knowledge, skills, and abilities and present jobs that fit your background. Take the next step – search our jobs, contact an Apollo Pros recruiter, and see what types of jobs you qualify for.

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Get Motivated

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